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Achieving a healthy A1c can be challenging, but it's worth it. Even a 1% reduction gives you a considerable decrease in your risk of complications.

Successful management of type 1 diabetes requires proper education and support, which unfortunately is often missing for patients today. This simple, free content you are about to experience could change your life.

By learning three simple steps for how to lower your A1c, you'll see immediate improvement in your blood sugar levels. This will set you on the path to not only seeing a drop in your A1c at your next doctor's visit but also feeling so much more energy, clearer thinking, and better moods!

  • I constantly struggle with my blood sugar levels

  • I can't get my A1c to where I nor my doctor want it to be

  • I'm moody and can get irritable, tired, depressed and exhausted

  • I'm not sure what I should be eating

  • I can't find the time nor motivation to exercise

  • I've tried all sorts of ways to lower my A1c but it's still too high

Step #1: Learn How To Ensure Your Basal Rates or Long-Acting Insulin Dosage is Set Correctly

  • Without a correctly set basal rate, your blood sugars will be a source of constant frustration.

  • Basal rates will change throughout your lifetime as well as temporarily, so it's important to know how to make adjustments.

  • Basal rate testing allows you to feel confident your background insulin is set correctly.

Step #2: Eat a Real Food, Lower-Carb Diet at least 80% of the Time

  • Eating lower-carb makes blood sugar management dramatically easier.

  • Lower-carb meals will dramatically reduce post-meal highs.

  • Lower-carb meals need less insulin which will reduce the risk of lows.

Step #3: Be Vigilant and Take Immediate Action

  • High blood sugars can make you moody, irritable, tired, and unable to concentrate.

  • High blood sugars increase the risk of complications.

  • There are simple things you can do to reduce highs faster.

Course Curriculum:

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    • The 3 Essentials of Lowering Your A1c
    • The Hemoglobin A1c Test - Video
    • The Hemoglobin A1c Test - Handout
    • Master Your Blood Sugar During Exercise
    • What's Next?