The Most Comprehensive Insulin Dosing Training Ever Created

Dosing is complicated! There is much more to correct dosing than just counting carbs. If you are like the majority, you've likely never received the thorough education you need to fully understand how to dose properly, because frankly, many doctors haven’t either.

Dealing with high blood sugars (hyperglycemia) and lows (hypoglycemia) is a constant concern for those of us living with type 1. Knowing how to dose properly will greatly reduce them, allowing you to enjoy much better blood sugar levels!

It is VITAL for you to have a this knowledge. This online course will give you the training for how to dose with more confidence and in return, you will achieve more stable blood sugar levels. You will feel happier and healthier overall, as you deserve!

Invest in Your Health

What You Will Gain

  • 1

    Introduction Chapter

    • How Insulin Works and Why We Need It
    • The Purpose of Long-acting or Basal Insulin
    • Complications of Uncontrolled Diabetes
    • The Difference Between Type 1 & Type 2
    • Dr. Jody's T1D Story
    • Gary Scheiner's T1D Story
  • 2

    Pump Therapy versus Multiple Daily Injections (MDI)

    • Long-Acting Insulin vs Pump Therapy
    • Dr. Jody & Gary Debate MDI vs Pump Therapy
    • Why Dr. Jody prefers MDI for Herself
  • 3

    For Those on Pump Therapy...

    • An Insiders Look at Insulin Pump Therapy
    • How to Set Your Basal Rate
    • How to Set Your Basal Rate
    • Key Notes to Follow When Setting Basal Rates
    • Situations Requiring Temporary Basal/Long-Acting Insulin Adjustments
  • 4

    For Those on Multiple Daily Injections (MDI)

    • How to Set Your Long-Acting Dose - for MDI
  • 5

    Mealtime Dosing

    • Why Carb Counting Falls Short
    • Carb Counting Techniques
    • How to Calculate Your Insulin to Carb Ratio (I:C)
    • How to Calculate Your Insulin to Carb Ratio (I:C)
    • How to Time Your Dose Correctly
    • Why YOU are a H.E.R.O.
  • 6

    Helpful Formulas to Know

    • How to Determine Your Correction Factor
    • How to Determine Your Correction Factor
    • What is Insulin on Board (IOB)?
    • What is Insulin on Board (IOB)?
    • How to Avoid Insulin 'Stacking'
    • Master Your Blood Sugar During Exercise
  • 7

    Understanding Highs & Lows

    • Understanding Highs and Lows
    • The Many Causes of High Blood Sugars
    • The Many Causes of Highs and Lows
    • Why Does BG Tend to Go Up in the Morning?
    • The Dawn Phenomenon
    • Key Tips for Treating Low Blood Sugar
    • How to Treat Low Blood Sugars
    • What's Next?