Gain life-changing information for how to keep blood sugar stable & avoid going low during exercise.

Exercise is one of our best tools for staying healthy with type 1 diabetes! But it can be frustrating due to fears of having a low blood-sugar. The good news is, there is a simple solution that will change your life, just like it did mine when I finally learned what I needed to know.

Understanding how to make simple adjustments to your food and insulin will not only reduce your chances of a low, but will also allow you to avoid having to eat like a pig prior or during! And, learning how to not worry about your BG during exercise will make it possible for you to enjoy it so much more!

Invest In Your Health

What You Will Learn

Here's the list of the valuable videos and handouts you will receive access to:

  • 1

    Introduction Chapter

    • Why Exercise is Great Medicine
    • The True Benefits of Managing Your Diabetes
    • Dr. Jody's T1D Story
  • 2

    How to Exercise Without Going Low

    • Why People Without Diabetes Don't Go Low with Exercise
    • How to Exercise Without Going Low
    • Factors that Affect Blood Sugar During Exercise
    • What is Insulin on Board? (IOB)
    • What is Insulin on Board (IOB)?
    • Dose Insulin Like a Pro: What You Need to Know
  • 3

    Adjusting Insulin for Exercise

    • When & Why Exercise can RAISE Blood Sugar
    • Insulin Adjustments for Exercise
    • Mealtime Adjustments for Exercise
    • Key Tips for Treating Low Blood Sugar
    • Nutrition & Dosing for Type 1s - What You Need to Know
  • 4

    Managing Blood Sugar Post-Exercise

    • How to Avoid Delayed Onset Hypoglycemia (DOH)
  • 5

    Final Summary Chapter

    • Key Tips About Exercise and Blood Sugar
    • What's Next?