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    Dr. Jody Stanislaw, in collaboration with T1D expert Gary Scheiner, author of "Think Like a Pancreas," has developed the most comprehensive online training course for how to successfully manage and live a healthy life with type 1 diabetes.

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Benefits You Will Gain
from Dr. Jody's Course

Managing type 1 diabetes is incredibly complex. Learning how much to dose, what to eat and how to avoid dangerous highs and lows can make achieving healthy blood sugar levels seem impossible, but it doesn't have to be.

Dr. Jody Stanislaw is one of those rare healthcare providers who truly understands life with T1D. She is an expert at blood sugar management and on how to exercise without going low. She will give you guidance on what to eat, as well as provide support for the often ignored topic of emotional self-care.

Join Dr. Jody Stanislaw, in collaboration with type 1 diabetes expert Gary Scheiner, in their comprehensive, first-of-its-kind, online type 1 diabetes management course. By taking this course, you will have everything you need to finally have the best diabetes care of your life.

  • Say Good-Bye to Frustrating and Unexplainable High & Low Blood Sugars

  • Say HELLO to Achieving The Best A1c of Your Life

  • Enjoy More Energy, Your Brain Working Better and Feeling Happier

  • Gain The Confidence and Knowledge to Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels Better than Ever Before

  • Learn Delicious and Simple Blood-Sugar-Friendly Recipes for Meals, Snacks and Even Tasty Desserts

What People Are Saying About The 5 Essentials of Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes Online Course

“The education provided by Dr. Jody on how to live a healthy life with type 1 is amazing. Her content will help you work through things you didn't even know you were missing. She is gifted in teaching all that is needed for those of us with T1D to finally achieve successful diabetes management!”

Janean E. - T1D for 20+ yearsJanean E. - T1D for 20+ years

“Before I found Dr. Jody's information, my A1C was never below 7.0%. Now, it’s around 6-6.2% and even 5.6% once! Being a T1D herself, she really gets it! I love her enthusiasm, zest for life, passion for her work and, of course, my results. Learning her content is an amazing gift to all of us with type 1.”

Jen M. - T1D for 28+ yearsJen M. - T1D for 28+ years

“I was lucky to find Dr. Jody's content within days of my daughter's T1D diagnosis. After learning her beta cell preservation protocol along with my continued studies & research, I have been able to raise Ashley’s C-peptide from 0.3 to 1.9. I cannot express the value of Dr. Jody's wisdom & teachings - especially for those newly diagnosed.”

Kathy, Mom of Ashley - T1D for 3+ yearsKathy, Mom of Ashley - T1D for 3+ years

“For years, my A1c's were in the 7-8% range. Once I went through Dr. Jody's brilliant course, I now achieve Alc's in the 5% range. I've lost over 15 lbs and I truly feel and eat better than ever before. Taking Dr. Jody's course will dramatically improve your life.”

Kyle C. - T1D for 31+ yrsKyle C. - T1D for 31+ yrs

Payment Options for the Advanced Course

Save $53 when you pay in full, or pay $250/month for 3 months. Both options will give you lifetime access to ALL content.

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Have Questions About the Course?

  • What will I learn in The 5 Essentials for Thriving with Type 1 online course?

    The 5 Essentials for Thriving with Type 1 Diabetes are: Understanding Basal/Long-Acting Insulin, Understanding Rapid-Acting Insulin, Food & Dosing/Nutrition, Movement & Exercise and Emotional Self-Care. You will learn a wealth of valuable information on each topic. Each essential is separated into its own chapter, containing 3 - 7 handouts and a series of mostly 5 - 8 minute videos. There are 6 total chapters in the course: Introduction chapter, plus a chapter on each of The 5 Essentials.

  • What are the benefits to me by signing up for this course?

    Whether you are newly diagnosed or you’ve had type 1 diabetes for decades, you will gain tremendous value from this course. The videos and handouts provide extremely beneficial information on how to successfully manage type 1 that most people have never learned. If you are newly diagnosed, important pieces in your training are often missed. If you’ve had it for decades, there are life-changing concepts you likely have never learned. After learning this content, you will be able to: achieve more balanced and healthy blood sugar levels, confidently enjoy being active without going low, more accurately dose at mealtimes, no longer be baffled by unexplainable highs and lows, discover delicious meals and desserts that don’t spike your blood sugar, and last but not least, finally find the answers to many diabetes frustrations that might have been baffling you for years!

  • Will my access to the course videos and handouts ever expire?

    You will have lifetime access to the content. You will be able to download the handouts and watch the videos as many times as you like, for as long as you’d like.

  • How many chapters are there and how is the content organized?

    The content is organized into 6 chapters, an introduction chapter followed by The 5 Essentials. In the Free trial and Basic course, due to the considerably smaller amount of content, you will get immediate access to all content. In the Advanced course, you will get access to one chapter per week, and after 6 weeks you will have full access to all content at anytime you’d like. We do this to make the content more easily digestible for you.

  • How long will it take to go through all the material?

    About 1- 2 hours per week for 6 weeks is enough to go through the Advanced course content. Each of the 6 chapters contain 3 - 7 short handouts and a series of primarily 5 - 8 minute videos, totaling about 30 – 60 minutes per chapter. The only video that is 30 minutes in length is a fun video of Dr. Jody cooking all of her favorite dishes in her kitchen.

  • Is it possible to customize the content in the Basic Course?

    Customizable content in the Basic course is not available. If you see a topic that you feel you already know in the Basic course, please be aware that Dr. Jody has unique content that you may not have learned before. We’ve created two educational, low-cost options: the Free Trial and the Basic course. However, we believe that the content contained in the Advanced course will give you more value than you could ever receive from countless doctors’ appointments and be one of the best investments in your health of your life.

  • How will I be able to track my progress in going through the material?

    The course platform is very user friendly. After you’ve watched a video or opened a handout, you will get a green check mark next to that item. There is also an “Achievements & Progress” counter at the top of the page that tracks your progress as well.

  • I have type 2 diabetes, will this course benefit me?

    A large portion of the content will be applicable also to patients with type 2 diabetes, most especially to those who use insulin. If you are not on insulin, there is content that will not apply to you, but you could still gain benefit from the course.

  • What if I have questions after I start the course and can I work with Dr. Jody Stanislaw or Gary Scheiner privately?

    For those in the Advanced course, you will have access to live, monthly Q & A calls as well as our private Facebook group. All participants can also reach out with technical questions to our team via info@drjodynd.com. After you’ve completed the full course, reach out to our team to request a private appointment with Dr. Jody. Completing the course is a prerequisite to working privately with Dr. Jody. Call Gary’s office directly if you’d like to work with him.